The Pinnacle@Duxton Case study S1 and S2 units

 The Pinnacle@Duxton layout could be view as a shophouse layout, all the room’s windows are facing the front and the Kitchen/ yard area is at the back where service lift located.  In a typcial floor there are 6 units service by 3 lifts.  Out of the 6 units, 4 of which are S1 units Aka 4 bedroom and S2 unit Aka 5 bedroom in HDB term.

Typical floor layout

The S1 unit is about 90 sqm depend on the type of external features you choose such as balcony, bay window, planter or Bay room.  It is an efficient layout with every area put into good use.  Some residence choose to knock down kitchen wall or bed room wall to merge room into a bigger space.

S2 unit is slightly larger but due to the longer circulation space, the gain is a wider living room.  The rest of the component is the same as S1 unit.  It came with one masterbath, one common bath and a kitchen with 3 other bedrooms and living/dining room.

During the 1st launched worked out to be 350 psf. for S1 and about 400 psf for the S2.  In 2015 when when the MOP is over, assuming the selling price at 900 psf based on current prime HDB selling price, there will be many millionaire couples from this development.  Current rental I heard is about 4.5 k for a good unit.

S1 Unit 90 sqm

S2 unit 100 sqm






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I live in HDB flat in the city with my family. I own a bicycle. I was a kampong boy until 30years ago. I like rambutan an durian. My dream is to build my house in the city central of Singapore.
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2 Responses to The Pinnacle@Duxton Case study S1 and S2 units

  1. Jan chew Chuie sian says:

    Dear sir ,
    l am interested to get the house in Pinnacle Duxton direct from HDB as due to the quota and l apply many time can not get it .. l have fund available to own the HDB as l am singaporean and l am single . working in china for over five years.. l am still pening to get a house and back to singapore . hopeing l can get the house in the city as what l perfer and l cna have house to stay and bsuiness that will be good .
    as still perfer to HDB Direct buy as la m qualify to buy just the quota problem and l am still waiting for luck

    • Neo says:

      Pinnacle was a BTO and currently still within the MOP(minimum occupying period) thus is not for re-sale in the open market until 15Dec2014. BTW i am not property agent.

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